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  Teacher, production assistant, sports anchor, fact checker for Larry Flynt.  Of all the titles M. David Lee III has held, he now can claim his favorite yet: Filmmaker.

  It's no surprise that Lee has achieved his dream of breaking into the film world, even if for now it's still the independent circuit.  After all, this is the guy who had a triple major in college - Japanese, filmmaking, and advertising - and still graduated a year early.  When he decides to do somethi, he goes for it.  Like moving to Memphis from California, for example.

        Keeping It Reel
  If seems like an odd move for an aspiring filmmaker - to leave the Sunshine State for a career in the Bluff City. But when Lee's agent called him with a job offer in Memphis as sports director for Fox 13 News, he took it.  "I have to believe that when things ike that happen, they happen for a reason," says lee.

When he's not on the job, out comes the camera, and before Lee even arrived here he had a entered a film in last year's Indie Memphis Film Festival .  For this year's festival, which is slated for October, Lee and his company, Triple Sticks Productions , hope to have their current project ready to compete.  Titled Dog Me: Potluck, this feature film takes a look at a the lives of a couple wh, with their marriage in a lull, decide to have a potluck dinner and invite some of their wildest friends over to spice things up.  The film cast is comprised entirely of Memphians, as is the crew of Lee's company.  

"Indie Memphis accepts films from all over the country," says Lee, "but they have to shomehow have a Southern tie-in, or star Southerners and this film has all of that ."  he adds that you might even catch a Fox 13 personality or two making a cameo appearance.

  If Dog Me: Potluck isn't completed in time for this year's festival, film-lovers won't

have to wait a whole year to see what Lee has cooked up.  Triple Sticks Productions will have a release party and premier the film elsewhere in town.
  Whether featured in Indie Memphis or elsewhere, Memphians will get to see what Lee's brought to the table.  For more information about this film or Indie Memphis, check out .

-    Mary Helen Randall
September Memphis Magazine